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Spicy Crispy Chicken with Avocado yogurt dressing 



食材準備時間 /    15 min

烹飪時間 /  25 min

準 備 食 材 / 





無糖/希臘式優格 40g,







A delicious summer chicken breast dish! Use oats to replace flour, and air-frying or grilling to replace deep-frying. The wonderful taste that makes you doubt if this is suitable for fitness or weight loss! The easy steps are as below:


Ingredients: chicken breast 160-180g, Greek/ sugar-free yogurt 40g, ¼ lime juice, 1 clove of garlic, rolled oats 20g. Seasoning: appropriate amount of salt, pepper, paprika powder and cumin powder.







用市售雞柳 或著 將一片雞胸切成薄片柳狀,以鹽、胡椒、紅椒粉、孜然粉、希臘式優酪、檸檬汁、蒜片醃製1小時以上(隔夜冷藏醃製效果佳)




醃製完成後,將燕麥片用果汁機或調理機打成粉狀,將雞柳均勻抹上粉,氣炸/烤箱180度烤15-20分鐘完成。 (建議中間翻面)


酪梨優格醬作法:將1/2顆酪梨壓成泥,拌入一大匙優格、洋蔥丁、蕃茄丁、檸檬汁、鹽胡椒拌勻完成。( 可當沙拉/吐司佐醬) .


將燕麥雞柳條沾上滿滿的酪梨醬,再來點Tabasco,辣度up up ,超嫩的雞柳,外層酥脆,真的以為在吃炸雞般卻是健康版、無負擔的辣味炸雞,滿足重口味者的愛!



Use pre-cut chicken fillets or slice the chicken breast into strips. Marinate the chicken fillets with 1 tsp of Greek yogurt, paprika powder, cumin powder, salt, pepper, garlic and a squeeze of  lime juice. Let the chicken sit for more than 1-2hr.



Use a food processor/ blender to blend the rolled oats into oat powder. Cover the chicken fillets with the oat powder. Air-fry or grill in the oven at 180-200c for around 20min. (flip the fillets half-way through the cooking)



As for the avocado yogurt sauce, combine 1/2 mashed avocado, 1 tbsp of greek yogurt, diced tomatoes & onions, salt and pepper in a bowl, and use a spoon to mix well.


Serve the spicy and crispy chicken with homemade avocado Greek yogurt sauce. Add a few drops of Tabasco if you want a spicier favor. The tender chicken fillets with crispy outer layer makes you feel that you are eating a real fried chicken. However, it is a healthier and guilt-free fried chicken. Enjoy the yummy snack!



營 養 素 (可切成6-7塊)



熱量                                        453  大卡

蛋白質                                    49.2  公克

脂肪                                        11.7  公克

碳水化合物                             38.7 公克

膳食纖維                                   8.4 公克        

鐵                                              1.8 毫克

鈣                                             26.2 毫克

鎂                                            112.3 毫克