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Air-fried fish fillets with yogurt tartar sauce 



食材準備時間 /    15 min

烹飪時間 /  25 min

準 備 食 材 / 





✓無糖/希臘式優格 40g


✓ ¼顆檸檬汁








Using yogurt as a marinade sauce will add a surprising tender texture to fish fillets. In my homemade yogurt tartar sauce, sugar-free yogurt is used as a substitute for mayonnaise which contains high fat, to satisfy your craving for fried fish!



White snapper fish fillet 160g, Greek/sugar-free yogurt 40g, ¼ lime juice, salt, black pepper, Italian seasoning/ rosemary, rolled oats 20g.







鯛魚醃製完成後,將燕麥片打成粉狀,均勻抹上粉,氣炸/烤箱180度烤15-20分鐘完成。 (建議中間翻面) 



自製優格黃瓜塔塔醬: 煮一顆全熟水煮蛋(水煮10分鐘泡冷水剝殼,分蛋黃/蛋白)、小黃瓜切薄片切丁、洋蔥切丁、番茄去籽切丁、拌入一大匙無糖優格、加入蛋黃,擠一點檸檬汁、與鹽胡椒拌勻,蛋白切碎,與一匙黃芥末醬攪拌均勻完成





Cut the fish fillet into bite size, and marinate it  with salt, black pepper, Italian seasoning/rosemary, lime juice, and Greek yogurt.  Let it sit for above 1 hour (putting in the fridge overnight may have better effect).



Use a food processor/ blender to blend the rolled oats into oat powder. Cover the fish fillets with oat powder. Air-fry or grill in the oven at 180-200c for around 20min. (It is recommended to flip the fillets half-way through the cooking)



As for the yogurt tartar sauce, firstly, boil an egg for 10 min. Separate the egg yolk and egg white. Mince the egg white.  After that, mix the greek yogurt, minced tomatoes, onions, cucumber, egg yolk and egg white in a separate bowl. Add the seasoning (salt, pepper, and 1 tsp of mustard sauce) into the bowl and mix well with a spoon. 



Serve the crispy fish fillets with homemade yogurt tartar sauce. Enjoy your high-protein snack!


營 養 素 



熱量                                       346.6  大卡

蛋白質                                     38.2  公克

脂肪                                        11.2  公克

碳水化合物                              25.7 公克

膳食纖維                                   0.7 公克        

鐵                                              1.5 毫克

鈣                                             56.7 毫克

鎂                                             56.9 毫克